Engineering Entrepreneurship Initiative

A powerful force for world change resides in the formation of new enterprises and ventures, particularly those that leverage technology. SMU is committed to invest strategically in instruction, research and creative initiatives highlighting, among other areas, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The Engineering Entrepreneurship Initiative seeks to build a campus wide infrastructure to promote and to practice engineering entrepreneurship. Particular emphasis will be in the technology sector and on products with a high technology content. This infrastructure, organic but formal, will enable a wide variety of entrepreneurial pathways for students, faculty and staff. Existing educational offerings will be enhanced. Resources to initiate a wide variety of enterprises across the spectrum of size and risk will be installed. The Lyle School looks forward to teaming with entrepreneurs from across campus to ease their path into practice wherever technology can help provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The real business of engineering is the improvement of the quality of our life through the thoughtful use of new technology. Through meaningful collaborations with our partners across the Hilltop, the Lyle school is working to prepare our next generation of innovators, creators and engineers to change the world for the better.

I’m a former SMU grad (not engineering!) and I have an app idea, but not the know-how to make it happen! I’ve joined this chat group simply to learn more about tech innovation and possibly talk to someone about my idea.

I am happy to help - you can reach out via We are an early stage venture capital investor with specific concentration in telecommunications, mobility and enterprise software.

These are some of the principles I live by. I came up with some of them and some of them may have been said by others. Here they are…

  1. Don’t lie to yourself; be honest
  2. Remember, it does not cost you anything to dream
  3. Talk is cheap; actions are what makes things happen
  4. Ideas are dime and dozen; execution is the key to success
  5. Think of your brain as a hard drive; don’t clutter it
  6. Being in business is like being in a boxing ring; if you stand still you will be hit
  7. Don’t forget where you came from; you can never return to the shore if you forget
  8. Know your final destination in business before you embark on it
  9. Don’t bother helping others if you are standing in the quicksand yourself
  10. Never accept the status quo
  11. Hard work does not equal success,; hard work is a prerequisite to success
  12. It takes lots of money to start a business; incorrect statement
  13. Perseverance always pays dividend
  14. Remember, It does not cost you to smile or be pleasant to others
  15. Mixing family and business is like mixing water and oil
  16. Confidence is the ability to convince sane people to do the insane things
  17. Business is a team sport; don’t try to play it like an individual sport
  18. Failure is a better teacher than success
  19. You are a product of all your previous experience till now
  20. Clarity of thought is one of the most important attributes of successful people
  21. One of the best strategies; hire folks smarter than you
  22. Not understanding financials of your company is like leading a group of people in total darkness
  23. Remember, only kids needs to be supervised not adults
  24. Remember you can always do better
  25. Change is the only constant in life; accept it with open arms

Would love to hear any feedback.

Abid Abedi

My company is creating an IOS app that will be launching soon. We are looking for fresh developers who want experience launching an app to review the code and clean up the UX design prior to launch. It is built in MapKit, Swift 2, and Firebase. We can either pay by the hour or by the project. Thank you

I am creating an agriculture analytics software and need software developers to develop a prototype. Please see my post in the main section for more details. I am open to compensation options.

Good Afternoon

My name is Aryeh. I’ve established a disruptive technology based business idea (Plan) that has gotta great remarks. Over the past year, I’ve applied to countless of accelerators programs. I’ve interview with them all and they loved the idea. It’s a game changer. However, I haven’t been able to successful find a Technology Partner that would be responsible for establishing the Software System. I am new to the Dallas Area, so if anyone is interested that has an Engineering background and desire to transform the financial and retail industry, please contact me.

The Business Goal is to Eliminate Interchange Fees (Discount Rates) and Fraud. That requires knowledge of E-Commence, Payment Processing, BioMetric Tech and E-Banking.