Start-Up Opportunity: Ag Analytics Software Utilizing Automated UAVs



I am a current SMU MBA student looking for a software engineer who is interested in creating a software prototype. The agriculture industry is in dire need of better data & analysis to make farms operate more efficiently. Thousands of farms are being squeezed by low commodity prices and the only way to turn a profit is to reduce production costs.

Our software will utilize UAV-mounted multispectral cameras to survey the vast fields of the Midwest and Southwest. Our software will stitch the images together and then provide the farmers with meaningful analysis to allow them to make real-time adjustments to inputs (water, fertilizer, etc). I already have a relationship with an ag-spec UAV manufacturer, but unfortunately, I have no background in software. I need someone who can help me understand the framework and get the ball rolling on a prototype.

Agriculture isn’t the only industry that will soon be utilizing UAV-based imaging. Oil & gas, ranches, railroads, etc. will all find enormous value in this automated monitoring (and interpretation).

If interested, please send me an email at I am open to compensation options.


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